David McPhetrige has more than thirty years of experience in lean and flow, MRP, inventory optimization, information technology, cost accounting and financial analysis, across a broad range of industries.

Since 1994, David has implemented lean, optimizing supply chains worldwide in scores of facilities, including medical-device and other regulated environments — and in industries from plant nurseries to machine shops, from high-tech to low-tech.

He has worked with volumes and demands from thousands per day to several per year, and has done planning and scheduling from ERP to spreadsheet. He has implemented MRP/ERP systems, including Oracle and MANMAN, and has led, driven, and developed many post-implementation MRP/ERP enhancements.

David and his wife live in California.

Dr. Marie A. Gaudard, our statistical consultant, is professor emerita of statistics at the University of New Hampshire, where she taught for nearly thirty years. She has been doing statistical consulting — specializing in quality improvement and design, data mining, and forecasting — since 1981.

Marie has addressed business-system transactions across a broad spectrum of industries including government agencies, financial organizations, and manufacturers in the automotive, printing, paper, plastics, precision steel, paving, and shipyard markets.

Marie received her Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Massachusetts, and now lives in Florida.


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