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TopDown Lean Systems offers a correct, comprehensive safety-stock approach to achieving your service-level targets consistently with optimal inventory performance and minimal expediting.

We provide analytical services that enable your sales, marketing, supply-chain, inventory-management or lean organizations to establish and maintain ideal inventory levels based on (1) what your customers want and (2) your own strategic business goals. In other words, from the top — down!

We make it possible for you to:

  • Reduce inventory by 30% or more
  • Achieve service-level targets consistently every month, quarter, and year for every component and every product
  • Improve profitability by 25% or more of the inventory reduction by reducing inventory-carrying costs and by reducing expediting
  • Turn reliable service-level achievement into market share, premium pricing, and fixed-cost / expense leverage
  • Increase cash flow, turning inventory and profit into cash
  • Experience a 10-to-1 or greater ROI on inventory and service-level optimization
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